About Sanaz Abravani Global Immigration

Sanaz Abravani Global Immigration Services Inc. is a Canada founded immigration and consultancy firm made up of high-calibre planning specialists that successfully provides assistance to high net worth individuals in obtaining Residence Permits, Alternative Citizenship and Second Passport under the Citizenship by the Investment Programs facilitated under the current legislation in the USA, Canada, the Caribbean and Europe. Our expert team can instantly provide you with more information about the country which you would like to immigrate to. Simply fill the assessment form by clicking below and one of our agents will get in touch with shortly.

We differentiate and here is why

  • Sanaz Abravani Immigration Group has the exclusivity for worldwide "buy back from a 3rd party surety company"
  • We offer tax advice by international tax accounting and legal firms for corporations and individuals as well as family offices
  • We can offer world preferred relationships and partnerships with international law firms
  • We can provide expert advice about relocation
  • Guarantee/surety of fees paid by 3rd party available